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Shadow Print
Shadow Print
Shadow Print

A new take on personalization and a fun bold look for your essential accessories!

  • Step 1)

    Click "customize" on one of our saffiano or smooth pouches or phone cases.

    Step 2)

    Type in your text — initials, name or phrase!

    Step 3)

    Select from 21 different shades to pick your main text color.

    Step 4)

    Select your shadow color or leave your text with no shadow if you'd only like one color.

  • So many combinations!

    We will scale your name, initials or even your favourite catch phrase to fit the item.

    You can also have as many letters as we can fit onto the item if you select our Shadow Text font.

    Our Shadow Text font option comes at an additional charge of $30 and is only available online.

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