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The Golden Globes was such a highlight, because it was an opportunity that most people in the world will never get. But especially to share it with my sisters, these two people who are my sidekicks, my crew, my best friends.
I definitely got a lot of my style from my mom, watching her put on these gorgeous outfits when I was little. My style icon is more about seeing the trend is of the moment, and going to the shoots, and seeing what the stylist puts on me and it gives me new inspiration, and a new way of pairing outfits together.
My favorite piece is the notebook, the one with the stickers, because I have a thing for stickers. I would love to bring that to school, and be like, “Hey, I have my name on this book!”
It’s so much fun [fronting a campaign together]. We like doing shoots together, but the fact that this is a campaign just totally upped the ante.