We partnered with Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel to create the ultimate wedding party and inspiration, creating 6 unique looks showing all the amazing ways you can use our product and elevate it with your own patterns, designs and handwriting. It all made for fantastic instagram and pinterest folder! 

The Daily Edited's top 5 table-scape styling tips —

— Pick a theme and stick to it - there are so many great ideas out there and it can be hard to just pick one and run with it but I think table-scapes look best when everything on the table is coordinated.

— Unexpected elements - guests may have event fatigue, have you ever thought to yourself "not another wedding...", give your guests something they've never seen before even if it's really simple, for example Seed Flora sourced us these crazy finger lemons for our Italian themed table which got people talking!  

— Personalise the setting - well of course I would say this, the TDE product line lends itself to customisation so for most of our events we use our product as a place card that doubles as a gift for our guests! Creating personalised menus and coasters also isn't a difficult addition to take the table up a notch.

— Ambience - no matter the time of day candles create a vibe and if you splash out for amazing scented ones you can always re use them in your home or office, lush! 

-— Strong Floral Game - no surprises here but partner with an amazing florist who is across what is in season and what will work best and don't be afraid to use blooms in an unexpected way, for example pulling out an element on them to make the flower work on the table (Seed Flora did this on phalaenopsis orchids and removed the yellow centre to make them more on theme!)

The 6 table-scapes we created —

In Bloom 
A celebration of florals, bright and punchy with our pink circle pouch used as a place card.

On trend for this season, it was all about lemons and the coast.  We created a custom lemon pattern that was applied to our ink navy pouch.  We can work with any patterns/designs you'd like to add to our line! 

A dramatic display of dark hues and pops of white with fornasetti candles and our black envelope clutch with hand done calligraphy embossed onto our black envelope clutch as the place setting for each guest highlighting the fact that you can add your own handwriting to any of our items.

Not all celebrations occur in spring/summer so we created a wintery look that was clean and modern with a touch of lilac.  

Pink on Pink 
Well what woman doesn't love pink, we use pink so much in our brand and really this was our brand in event format with pale pink keepsake boxes with circle logo monogramming on each and a whimsical pink floral table runner.

Traditional White 
An elevated display of white and we created an ivory white box clutch with guest names in a cursive font embossed onto each, the perfect accessory for any celebration.