[gallery ids="11285,11286,11287"] Selecting the right beauty products for you can be tricky! It seems that every day there's something new! Finding a natural yet effective make-up and skincare brand can be challenging, which is why we fell in love with Musq Cosmetics. Musq Cosmetics is an Australian made and owned, natural make-up and skincare brand dedicated to providing customers with natural and ethical cosmetics that are constructive in its effects on skin, health and the environment. Recently, we were lucky enough to sit down with the lovely Emma, founder of Musq Cosmetics, who shared some of her expert tips on some do's and don'ts for healthy skin. musq Choosing the right skincare for your skin type Our skin is always changing and so is our skincare needs however it is always important you know what to look for and avoid when choosing the right skincare. At MUSQ we believe in going back to basics and nature and providing simple products with quality ingredients. We believe this is key when choosing the right skincare for your skin type as a product filled with toxins and fillers to make the product go further is not going to be best for your skin long term. Skin deserves pampering and needs to be kept well to function properly.? Make sure you buy superior products with natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals and you will notice a difference no matter your skin type. Here are a few helpful tips: All skin types: we recommend a cream cleanser as it is much more gentle on the skin and doesn?t strip away important oils and dry out the skin. Combination to dry skin: Try a lotion base moisturiser however in warm temperatures these can weigh your skin down. Normal to oily/blemish prone skin: A gel base moisturiser is great as it is lightweight and won't clog pours. Normal-combination types: Serums work a charm for extra hydration and provide deeper nourishment. Great natural ingredients to give skin that healthy, natural glow At MUSQ we strongly believe that what you ingest into your body has a big role to play in how your skin glows. Skincare alone will not achieve this. We love foods rich in green colouring such as; spinach, kale and parsley that are packed with vitamin C and Vitamin K along with many other nutrients. At MUSQ we also love Sea Buckthorn berry as it suits all skin types and is a powerful multi-tasker having the ability to soothe, repair, hydrate and rejuvenate. We also like to add some drops of Pomegranate?oil?to our skincare and makeup routine for its anti-aging abilities. You could also try our Reviitilize Serum which has both these goodies in it. And of course we can?t go past our cream foundation which is great for an instant glow! musq 2 Hidden nasty chemicals to watch out for We at MUSQ Cosmetics pride ourselves on a long standing commitment to provide only natural and ethical cosmetic and skincare products. Putting quality before profits. We are careful with what we put in our products! Here are some nasties we suggest you stay clear of: Bismuth Oxychloride . Talc . Carmine . Nylon?12 . Synthetic Colours \(FD&C or D&C followed by a number\) . Parabens: Ethyl, Methyl, Butyl?and Propylparaben . Propylene Glycol \(PG & Butylene Glycol\) . Imid Urea . Diaz Urea . Polybutylene . PEG . Dioxin . Petroleum by-products eg. Mineral Oils, and Paraffin . Sodium Lauryl Sulfate \(SLS\), Sodium Laureth Sulfate \(SLES\) . Phthalates . Tricloscan . Disodium EDTA . Benzoyl Peroxide . DEA . Parfum Alternatives to synthetic fragrances There is an estimated 3,000-plus chemicals used to created an artificial fragrance. As much as we love to spritz ourselves with heavenly scents, staying away from synthetic fragrances that are made with ingredients such as phthalates is a must, not to mention they can be extremely cheap to produce and sold at a high price. We recommend looking for an essential oil or natural alcohol based?scent. Lucky these days there are a lot more natural perfumes coming onto the market place due to demand - We like One Seed perfume for our fragrance needs! Tips for selecting skin-friendly makeup?? Skin absorbs about 60% of what is put on it directly into the bloodstream. This is why it is so important to choose the right make up and skincare - not only for your skin type but for your body as well! If?you are suffering an autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome or have a serious illness such as?cancer,?you will be far more conscious of what you apply to your skin, and thus absorb through the dermis. Always check if the product you are buying is PETA & CCF accredited. You can find this on product websites. Also check the ingredients to see if the brand is using organic ingredients and where the product is actually produced. We recommend the less ingredients on the list the better! Source the website of the brand you are interested in. If they have nothing to hide they should be happy to provide numerous information through their website. Musq_Natural_Cosmetics_All_ProductsThanks Emma for the tips, we will definitely be keeping an eye out on the products we purchase!   Check out the full Musq range here! ?All images courtesy of Musq Cosmetics