You need to be organised, savvy and self-assured to navigate the hustle and bustle of New York. Carry your planner with you at all times so you can schedule business meetings, fashion shows, and dates. Long grey trenches, coffee cup in hand, and square tote slung over your shoulder: this is your everyday uniform. Prop your laptop up on a corner table by the window and order a long black. The barista spells your name right for once. You hail a cab, flicking through a glossy back edition of Vogue, whisked across the city that never sleeps.

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The wind from the Thames is icy cold but you’re bundled up in knits and black cotton gloves. Heels clip against the footpath as you cross over to Westminster Abbey. You know a great hole-in-the-wall café nearby. Ruby jam glistens under whipped cream, ylang-ylang tea scents the air. You carry your makeup bag everywhere, so you can always have that perfect red pout. Double-decker buses drive past, crawling along the roads like scarlet beetles. The London Eye spins leisurely against the sunset.

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Ah, l’amour! Your asymmetric clutch is perfect for a stroll along the Siene. Stop over at Laduree and fill your clutch with rose flavored macarons. Buy fresh bread from the bakery and dip it into some warm, melting cheese. You only have time for a few bites, because you’re on your way to sip Moet at the base of the Eiffel Tower. You’ve laid a picnic rug out, and someone nearby is wearing Chanel. The scent washes over you like a soft blanket. The sky is blushing, starting to turn pink.

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Flashing lights from the neon adverts illuminate your face. Determined, fierce, and dressed all in black, you cross the street, cross body bag slung across one shoulder. The fashion district gleams white and shiny, and you meander through before stopping in at a sushi train. Forget the sushi, go for saké. You navigate through the crowds and make your way up the Tokyo Skytree. You’re miles above the city, looking at the world below. The bright city lights look like stars twinkling in the night.

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