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Monogram FAQs

TDE HelpMonogram FAQs
What colors can you monogram?

We predominantly monogram in gold, silver and blind emboss items (meaning we indent the leather leaving no color), but we can monogram in a range of colors. See them all here.

What fonts do you monogram?

We offer 4 different fonts.

Our 4 fonts are

  • Serif (our classic style font that is used in all of our display products)
  • Sans Serif (a block style font)
  • Unique Handwriting: Brush Lettering
  • Unique Handwriting: Thin Cursive

You can also add your own handwriting, motifs, logos, messages to our items. For more information see our Custom Monogram page.

Please note: The font used on product images on our website is SERIF.

We also offer two sized fonts, 24pt and 36pt. 24pt font looks great on smaller items (such as our cardholders, phone cases, luggage tags) size 36pt looks great on our larger items (pouches, clutches, bags). In most of our example products on our site we have monogrammed in size 36pt font. You are able to view the different sizes on our products by typing your monogram into the monogram field in any of our items.

What does blind emboss mean?
Blind emboss means that no foil is applied to the monogram. The monogram you choose will be indented into the leather but not colored. See an example here.
How many letters can I have monogrammed on my item?

You can have up to four characters monogrammed on each of our items free of charge with your purchase. (Please note some of our smaller items, like our luggage tags and small card cases, can only fit two characters.)

If you would like to monogram more than four characters on your item, we can monogram up to 5 – 10 characters for an additional charge of $30 per item (again the number of letters we can add is constrained by the size of the item). We can do more than 10 characters on certain items, if you would like more than 10 characters please email us at [email protected] and we can assist you.

Do you offer custom monogramming?

You can go further than adding our standard fonts to your items. Custom monogramming is a truly unique way to personalize our items! Please note this service is only available online and not in our stores as the work is quite detailed and generally can't be done same day in our stores.

We have two handwritten style fonts you can choose from: Thin Cursive and Brush Lettering. If you would like to add this style of personalization to your item, just select either Thin Cursive or Brush Lettering from our font drop down list on any of our product pages. You will be able to see a live preview of how this would look on your item! Place your order, and we will monogram your item with the style of handwriting you’ve chosen.

To add your own handwriting, logo, motif, or message to an item, select My Own Handwriting as the option in the font drop-down on any of our product pages, and place your order. Our custom monogramming team will be in touch within one business day of your order being placed to request the artwork you would like embossed onto your item. They will work closely with you to finalise the look of your purchase.

For more information see our Custom Monogram page.

My monogram is wearing off, what can I do?
If your monogram is fading with wear and tear, please feel free to send your piece back to us at The Daily Edited, 385 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014, to be serviced and re-monogrammed free of charge. Please include a note with your return address so we can post it back out to you free of charge.

Alternatively, head into one of our stores to have your item re monogrammed.

Can I get my initials monogrammed anywhere on your iPhone cases?
We offer 3 different positions for monogramming on our iPhone — top centre, middle centre and bottom centre. Please click here to see an example.