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Leather FAQs


    Our 100% leather products are designed in Australia and manufactured in China. We have worked hard to find and select the best craftsmen who produce only the highest quality leather products.

    Please note that as all our monogramming is done by hand, every item is unique and there may be slight variations.


    Foil Monogramming

    The metallic foil in your monogramming can fade with general wear and tear or if it comes in contact with substances that can react to the composition of the foil, such as perfumes, cosmetics and other chemicals. Excessive rubbing can also cause the metallic foil to fade.

    We can re-do the monogramming on any of your products. Please send the item back to us or drop into any of our stores to have your item re-monogrammed free of charge.

    Applied Customization

    For our applied customization options (Shadow Text and Cursive) excessive scratching can affect the personalization color. If the product is intentionally bent or folded this also can cause the personalization to be damaged.


    As a general rule, you should take care to avoid rubbing your item against rough or sharp surfaces to minimize scratching. Should your product get wet, remove any residual water immediately with a paper towel, pat loosely with paper and allow it to dry naturally.

    We recommend using a natural solvent such as eucalyptus oil to clean any marks on your TDE product.

    Please note that different leathers will wear differently and may change appearance over time.


Our most popular leather variation. Made from top quality calf leather, slightly textured in a cross-hatch pattern and finished with a wax treatment.

A hard wearing leather that softens with wear. Most of our products are available in this finish.


You’ll love our buttery smooth calf leather. Soft to touch and incredibly versatile.

This style is only available in our pouch range.


Our top quality calfskin leather with a mock crocodile embossed finish.

Available in pouches, iPhone cases, and Black Mock Croc Structured Backpack.


Our newest textured leather grain. Made from top quality calf leather with a mock lizard embossed finish, this texture has a slight sheen.

Available in our pouches only.


A new textured leather grain – a mock ostrich embossed finish. Buttery soft and just that little bit different.

Available in our pouches only.


Our top quality calfskin leather treated with shiny patent finish. The perfect statement piece.

Available in pouches and cardholders.


We have used laser cutting technology on our leather to create a perforated detail design that will definitely make the cut.

Available in our pouch range and as a storm grey passport holder, designed in collaboration with Hailey Baldwin.


Textured leather in its most luxurious form. This is a calfskin leather with a firm small grain finish. A perfect way to add a bit of texture to any outfit.

Available in our pouches, cardholders and toiletry bags.